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Evolving from Sea to Sky

Clients and Friends- Welcome to the Badass Deity Blog! Our blog is all about staying spiritually woke, tuning into the world around you, how to find and maintain badass Goddess status, mom humor, sarcasm, astrology, and much more. Let's start with the evolving of our brand by Amanda Kraft.

"I am thrilled to share that I am rebranding my fitness business, and will be operating under a new name and website in the near future. After having to close our studio doors and move completely online last year, the effects of the pandemic unfortunately continue to burden us. Moving forward, I feel that it is best to evolve Mermaid into a new identity. With more reopening of the economy occurring, our new name and look will help me continue to be better able to serve you."


"Mermaid was all about becoming the best version of yourself. For me, I chose the symbol of the Mermaid because I love the sea, Pilates, and wanted to inspire my clients to achieve what they believed their symbol was. To show them that they could do it too! 2020 threw me into a realm of discomfort and change that I never could have anticipated experiencing. It forced me to reconnect with myself and go inward, because much of my world seemed out of control. I looked for answers to problems by connecting deeper with spirit and energy. What do you KNOW in your heart? How do you FEEL in response to your decision? I learned more than ever before to trust my instincts, or rather, my inner Goddess. When we listen to ourselves and trust what we feel, we can become the highest versions of ourselves. Goddess Pilates will be all about helping you become your highest self. To treat yourself with the love, kindness, and respect that you deserve. We will offer the same great workouts with some upgrades, nutrition plans, calendars, and even pray that we might open a location again at some point. Hey, if we need to evolve, then let's become a divine badass - a Goddess!

We will always be Mermaids at heart. Thank you to everyone that has supported me over the years, and especially recently. I am excited to evolve with you as we enter this new chapter together."

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